✔ Interactive workshops in scientific writing and publishing

✔ Presented by editors from Nature Research journals

✔ For researchers of all levels in the natural sciences

✔ Available to institutions globally, to host on-site at their institution 

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Online course from Nature editors

Presented by Nature Research editors

Each workshop is presented by two Nature Research editors.

Every researcher receives one-on-one interaction with the editors. 

Researchers are encouraged to bring along their own draft abstract to discuss with an editor in detail, to help them understand its strengths and weaknesses. This reinforces the themes that are developed in the rest of the workshop.  

Modules online training in scientific publsihing

Highly interactive

Host institutions are encouraged to invite approximately 25 researchers* to their workshop. 

During the workshops, short lectures are interspersed with activities, group discussion and Q&A with the editors. 

View a sample one-day workshop agenda here.  


Workshops can be tailored to your institution's needs and the publishing experience and discipline of your researchers. 

Workshop agenda and length
You can request a one-, two- or three-day workshop and we will work with you to create the optimal agenda for your institution. 

Publishing experience
Researchers at a similar career level typically have similar interests and questions, which means that they enjoy the workshop more. (However a mixture of experience can work well if the researchers taking part all work within the same discipline!)

For researchers with minimal writing and publishing experience, workshops can be tailored to focus on the basics of preparing and writing a paper. For researchers with more experience, workshops can focus on the finer details of publishing. 

The editors who lead the workshops are matched as much as possible to the discipline of the researchers taking part. The editors also use discipline-relevant exemplary papers and tips for manuscript writing and structure. 

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*Seminar-style workshops are available for groups of up to 100 researchers on request.

Additional Services 

You can complement your face-to-face workshop with an online course and webinars.