Managing Research Data to Unlock its Full Potential

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For  researchers in the natural sciences who want to develop their data management skills or mentor others through the process

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Key features

4-module course with a course certificate

10 experts in data management including researchers, funders, data publishing and institutional data management specialists

4-5 hours of learning

15-minute lessons

English language subtitles and transcripts


Understand the benefits of managing research data effectively

Learn the steps required to create and maintain a data management plan

Learn how to apply best practices to organise, store, archive and check the quality of your data

Evaluate the different options for sharing research data

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Insight from expert academics and professionals

This course contains insights from experts with wide-ranging experience in research data management, which includes:

  • Data reuse and sharing
  • Institutional support for research data management
  • Data curation and publication
  • Writing and reviewing data management plans
  • Funding requirements for research data management
  • Archiving and repositories

The expert panel developed and refined the course. This panel includes:

  • Grace Baynes | VP, Research Data and New Product Development, Springer Nature
  • Helena Cousijn | Community Engagement Director, DataCite
  • Rebecca Grant | Research Data Manager, Springer Nature
  • Varsha Khodiyar | Data Curation Manager, Springer Nature
  • Paola Quattroni | Alliance Delivery Manager, Health Data Research UK (HDR UK)
  • Susanna-Assunta Sansone | Associate Director, Oxford e-Research Centre and Associate Professor, University of Oxford

The course also has additional insights through video interviews from:

  • Muliaro Wafula | Associate Professor and Director, ICT Centre of Excellence and Open Data iCEOD, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Lynn Woolfrey | DataFirst, University of Cape Town
  • John VanDecar | Senior Editor, Nature
  • Lorretta Favour C. Ntoimo | Department of Demography and Social Statistics, Federal University Oye-Ekiti

Accessible dip in and out format

The course’s four modules contain bite-size lessons and provide an accessible, dip in and out format for busy researchers. 

Researchers can track their progress through the course and fit the lessons around their work.


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Improve the reputation of your institution by ensuring the reproducibility of your datasets and that your researchers know how to find and comply with research data policies

Support the professional and career development of your researchers while saving staff time on mentoring and training in data management methods

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