Data Analysis: Planning and Preparing

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For researchers in the natural sciences who want to develop their data analysis skills or mentor others through the process

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Key features

2-module course with a course certificate

10 experts in data analysis including experienced statisticians and data scientists, journal editors and early career researchers

3-4 hours of learning

20-minute lessons

English language subtitles and transcripts


Understand the importance of planning and preparing for data analysis

Learn the key terms and processes relating to data analysis

Learn the principles of creating and updating a data analysis plan

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Insight from expert academics and professionals

This course contains insights from data analysis experts, including:

  • Data-rich fields including physics, medicine, ecology, and epidemiology
  • Data science and biostatistics
  • Editorial perspectives on common mistakes and good practice in data analysis

This course was developed and refined by an expert panel, comprising:

  • Mark Gardener | Ecologist, lecturer, data consultant and author specialising in data analysis
  • João Monteiro | Chief Editor of Nature Medicine
  • Bhramar Mukherjee | Professor and Chair of biostatistics, University of Michigan, USA
  • Xavier Vilasis-Cardona | Director of Doctoral Studies and Professor, Department of Engineering, Universitat Ramon Llull, Spain
  • Bronwyn Wake | Chief Editor of Nature Climate Change

The course also has additional insights through video interviews from:

  • Marc Amoyel | Senior Research Fellow, Cell and Developmental Biology, University College London
  • Vivian Biancardi Rossato | Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physiology, University of Alberta
  • Claudia Bonfio | Junior Group Leader, Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (ISIS), University of Strasbourg, France
  • Alex Dexter | Higher Research Scientist, National Physical Laboratory, UK
  • Isabella Muratore | PhD candidate, Department of Biology, University of Boston

Accessible dip in and out format

The course’s two modules contain bite-size lessons and provide an accessible, dip in and out format for busy researchers. 

Researchers can track their progress through the course and fit the lessons around their work.


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