New course on effective collaboration in research: coming soon

We are delighted to announce a new course on collaboration launching in the autumn

BL Collaboration

Research collaboration has become increasingly common, larger, and more international. And collaborative projects require a diverse skill set, including interpersonal skills, project management and administration, in addition to scientific expertise. 

However, our 2018 survey indicated that only 20% of academics had accessed training in collaboration through their institution or externally.

To help meet this training need, we are delighted to announce a new online training course on ‘Effective Collaboration in Research’, which will launch in Autumn 2019. 

Introducing the course 

We are creating the course with Nature Research editors and experts in collaboration. It will contain five easy-to-manage modules, which can be worked through in order or used as a dip-in-and-out resource. 

Key content you can expect in the upcoming course:

  • How collaboration can advance your research
  • Top collaborative tools for communicating, writing and data sharing
  • Leveraging your collaborative experience – building on new skills, networks and new research ideas
  • Choosing and approaching the right collaborators
  • Sourcing funding for collaboration
  • Strategies for maintaining engagement over the course of a collaborative project
  • Demonstrating the impact of collaborative research
  • Wrapping up a collaborative project  

Subscribing to the new collaboration course 

Course subscriptions will be available to institutions, departments, and lab groups. Subscription prices will be the same as for the current 'Scientific Publishing and Writing' course, with discounts available for institutions who purchase both courses. 

If your researchers would benefit from the course, please contact us now to request more information - quoting ‘Collaboration course’ when you complete the contact form. 

Or if you’re an individual researcher, why not recommend the upcoming course to someone at your institution, such as a professor, research officer or librarian? 

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