Coming soon...

Good news! After expanding our course offering last year, we're not stopping there.

We’re continually adding new courses to our platform throughout the year. We're excited to tell you what's to come in 2021. Here are the topics you can expect to see later this year:

  • Writing a compelling grant proposal using narrative tools: In this course, researchers will learn how to apply narrative tools to align their grant proposals with funders’ objectives and requirements, and make their applications more informative and persuasive.
  • Networking for researchers: This course will provide researchers with the practical skills to strategically establish and maintain successful professional connections, in person and online, to advance their research and their career.
  • Conducting research data analysis (Part 1): This course will provide researchers with practical strategies for communicating their research to scientific peers through effective in-person and virtual presentations – from using storytelling techniques to create a compelling narrative and designing a professional slide deck through to successfully delivering their presentation on the day.
  • Creating compelling scientific presentations to communicate your findings effectively: As scientists deal with increasingly data-rich research, this course will develop their foundational knowledge on how to stringently prepare research data for analysis and refine their analysis plan to improve the quality of their output.

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