Scientific Writing and Publishing Workshops in the UK and Ireland

From London and the South East, to Scotland, the North West, Wales and Ireland

Learn from Nature Research journal editors how to turn great science into a great manuscript.

Nature Masterclasses runs Scientific Writing and Publishing workshops across the UK and Ireland, helping researchers write and publish great scientific papers.

The workshops can be one-day or two-day, are hosted on-site at public and private institutions, and are tailored to every host institution with discipline-relevant content and exercises.

Every workshop is delivered by two journal editors from Nature Research who travel to the host institution. Researchers benefit from one-to-one interaction with the editors and receive editor feedback on their own abstracts.

Well delivered; logical structure; clear materials and exercises; activities which immediately impacted on the ability to write and present data more clearly. 

96% of workshop participants surveyed in 2018 agreed 'I will be able to apply what I have learnt to my work'. 

94% rated the workshops as 'good' or 'excellent'.

Recent UK & Ireland workshops include:

November 9-10 2019, University of Nottingham: Delivered by Julia Eckhoff, Senior Editor of Nature Communications, and Christine Horejs, Senior Editor of Nature Nanotechnology

October 2-3 2019, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge: Delivered by Darren Burgess, Senior Editor of Nature Reviews Genetics, and Alex Eccleston, Senior Editor of Nature

April 10-11 2019, University of Nottingham: Delivered by John Plummer, Chief Editor of Communications Materials, and Kristina Kareh, Senior Editor of Nature Communications

April 3 2019, Cambridge: Delivered by Julia Eckhoff, Associate Editor of Nature Communications, and Joao Duarte, Senior Editor of Nature Biomedical Engineering

February 28 - March 1 2019, ACCE (Doctoral Training Partnership between the universities of Sheffield, Liverpool and York, and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology): Delivered by Eytan Zlotorynski, Senior Editor of Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, and Alastair, Senior Editor of Nature Climate Change

December 6 2018, Cambridge: Delivered by Kim Baumann, Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, and Alfredo Sansone, Associate Editor of Nature Communications

October 9 2018, Cúram National University of Ireland Galway: Delivered by Michelle Korda, Associate Editor of Nature Biomedical Engineering, and Amos Matsiko, Senior Editor of Nature Materials

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