How to access Nature Masterclasses courses if your lab or university subscribes

BL Man Accessing

Your institution will let you know when they have started a subscription to the Nature Masterclasses online training courses. Look out for email communications from your lab leader or university research contact, or via social media.

We offer two ways for institutions to connect their users to the online training courses:

  • IP sign on: This method uses the IP range of your university or institute internet. To access the course(s) you have to be within the registered IP range. Please ensure you check the correct IP range with the contact at your institution. Connect your device to this WIFI address or virtual private network (VPN) so that Nature Masterclasses can recognize that you belong to your university. Once you have registered, you will not need to do so again for another six months and will be able to access the courses from wherever you are.
  • Single sign on: This method allows you to sign in to Nature Masterclasses using your normal university sign in. This is also known as SAML/Shibboleth sign on. Please do NOT register on the website but go straight to the log in page and follow the instructions for institutional log-in.

We also offer a slightly different access method for labs, as these subscriptions are for 15 users or fewer.

  • Your lab contact person will provide you with an access code (also referred to as a TAN code) that we provide for your exclusive use. Simply enter the code when prompted during registration.

Good luck with your online learning!

BL Man Accessing