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Laxmi Yashwant Gusain about 2 years ago

Microbology celebrating 100years of phages: This review has been written in a very comprehendible manner making easy for a person reading from non science background.The figures mentioned are very descriptive.The introduction being catchy made me read more about the topic.It covered the facts throughout the era.

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Ibrahim Eissa about 2 years ago

I choose to read Microbiology celebrating 100 years of phages review article, the first impression is well organized and layout of figure is summarized, informative and very accessible. the main important features is inspirational with basic and advanced information.

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Orlagh Feeney almost 2 years ago

Nat Rev Disease Primers - Retinoblastoma.
As an uninitiated reader, this review provides a clear and comprehensive introduction into the disease. The specific layout of disease primers means that I know what information to expect when starting to read the review, the narrative from epidemiology, genetics to potential future treatment and quality of life management strategies is both informative and thought provoking. It makes for compelling reading. The proposed new approach to the disease, including family planning education for survivors, patient input into quality of life management and a unifying approach to develop a disease index certainly would galvanize a researcher into thinking of new collaborative approaches to disease management.

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Kerryn Warren almost 2 years ago

A century of the phage. Very readable. Comprehensive without delving into too much jargon.

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Lei Pan over 1 year ago

I just looked through all of papers and perused the review from nature reviews materials. These papers are somehow easy to read and understand.  And their authors have broaden eyesight of past and future. The first impression of the materials review for me is that its structure is clear and logical, just as I expected. As a result, I am of confidence to gain enough useful information at the first time reading.

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Katherine MacDonald about 1 year ago

I looked at the RNA-seq paper. The additional information provided in glossaries, boxes, figures and tables complements the main text well. It provides a realistic perspective by presenting both the opportunities offered by the technology as well as the challenges in moving these tests into clinical practice. 

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Linda Amaral Zettler about 1 year ago

I chose "A century of the phage: past, present and future" - partly because the title drew me into the topic.  I felt the article struck the perfect balance between being comprehensive without loosing my interest by providing too many details.  I especially liked the forward looking insights gained from reading the conclusions.  

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BhanuSharma 8 months ago

Microbiology celebrating the phases: past, present and future" .Flow of paper is somehow not good