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Sergio Lopez almost 2 years ago

Suitability for the topic of the paper. Impact factor.

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Daniel Daniel about 1 year ago

impact factors and the suitability with the topic

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Amanpreet Kaur 12 months ago

journal must be having high index and high impact factor.

journal must be related to field of research

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Steffen Wiedmann 8 months ago

suitable journal for the content of the paper, to gain attention by the people who should read the paper (very broad topic with high impact or very special topic which only specialists will understand)

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Oscar DeLaGarza-Pineda 6 months ago

Impact factor and Suitability for the topic

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Scope, quality of publications, and impact factor are highly ranked... What happens to the newly established journals? 

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Impact factor, Scope, readership, quality of published papers, and quality of peer review

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Thabang Mafokoane about 2 months ago

For me, impact factor is the most important.

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Dr Prarthana M S 25 days ago

Suitability of the topic, Journal should be indexed with known data bases, the peer review panel are most important.

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Herbert Makgopa 1 day ago

The following are among the factors, I consider to be of paramount importance when selecting a Journal for publication:

1. Publication costs- for ensuring financial control over operations and processes

2. Scope of the journal- for evaluating any restrictions the journal imposes on manuscript types or topics and its objective while ensuring that the journal publishes articles that are similar to mine

3. Quality of peer review- for making my scholarly article as high quality as possible

4. Article formats- for increasing success for acceptance

5. Impact factor- for determining the quality and reputation of a journal. 

6. Open access- for increasing visibility of my research findings