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Yasin Ghulam about 1 year ago

As related to the Editor's experience, it is huge responsibility for an editor to decide fairly about the all manuscripts requesting for publications from all over the world. The Editor's evaluation strongly impact on the reputations of journals and also influence the betterness in sciences and technology.    

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Md. Galal Uddin about 1 year ago

Reviewer feedback verification is very important by editor.

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Thulisile P. Jaca about 1 year ago

Thanks Federico! I would find some journals asking the reviewers to inform them if the manuscript is suitable for publication in their journals. Does this mean they do not do their job properly?

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Kam N Nedev 11 months ago

Thulisile, a very good point/question! I'm curious to see an answer too.

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Brina L. DeBrown 10 months ago

I'm just beginning to explore how peer review works--and I hadn't considered what that looks like from the Editor's perspective.  As a student currently doing research in a field that is fairly new to me, I recognize similar methods that I'm using  to find relevant articles and researchers, in methods that an editor would use to find reviewers. I appreciate the inclusion of this video in the Master Class for Peer Review.

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Vinícius Medina Kern 9 months ago

Good to hear that making the decision is unmistakably an editor's job. It is funny to hear so much ado about "Reviewer #2" as if the editor becomes hostage to the referee.

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Kamuyu Mwai 3 months ago

Indeed, its those different opinions that make scientific journals interesting as they bring out the diversity.

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Steven James Newton about 1 month ago

I agree with Yasin.  And editor has a great responsibility