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Yasin Ghulam over 1 year ago

Obviously, the every author get updated and new breakthrough in the advancement of currently going on progress in the relevant as well in broad spectrum of his expertise and field.

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Muhammad Naeem Nizam over 1 year ago

in a process of peer review, every reviewer gets a lot of knowledge and new ideas for own interest.

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Dr. Felix Bongomin over 1 year ago

I have the same feeling.

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Aydin ashrafi over 1 year ago

Peer reveiw is good for both author and reviewer becuase they will be familiar with other sight

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Israel Borokini over 1 year ago

Peer review process is absolutely important, as long as the methodology and scientific process are thoroughly addressed, rather than mere grammatical edits

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Sunil Kumar over 1 year ago

Very nicely explained by  Dr George Booth 

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Thulisile P. Jaca over 1 year ago

Well explained Dr George Booth, i liked that last part that authors shouldn't be expecting to be praised for their work but rather have a mind set of how their work can be improved.

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THIAGARAJAN over 1 year ago

really awesome 

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THIAGARAJAN over 1 year ago



exactly! when i did my first publication i went through all these feelings. its not questioning ones knowledge or sincerity in the work, but to see our work from a different perspective. after all, not all who read our article will think the same way .hence knowing from others point of view before publication is very important especially to make the reader stay on our topic.

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Srinivasan Jayaraman about 1 year ago

valid points addressed...

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Naoko Sato about 1 year ago

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SEEMA PARTE about 1 year ago

i think reviewing requires a fine balance of knowledge and scrutiny and poise in the form of the decision you submit for a manuscript. It is essential to develop required key skills since paper publication puts at stake so much more than science-at a personal level and career point of view and the amount of time and resources utilized in the study

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Tadesse Bekele Tafesse 11 months ago

I agree with the peer review process as it improves the quality of the manuscript

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Gabriela Perez Tort 11 months ago

I think as Dr Booth says,  that when our manuscript is being reviewed, we should not consider it a battle against the reviewer but on the contrary a colaborative work in order to produce a better and more clear paper.

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Kamuyu Mwai 8 months ago

Peer reviewing also deepens scope & elongates perception of the reviewer in the subject he/she is reviewing. There is always something new to learn.

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Thanks for .Dr George about this video. Yes, of course, more quality work of the paper, more interesting focus on the manuscript of the article.

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Rabiu Aliyu 5 months ago

I definitely share the same feelings and sentiments with Dr. Booth. Being in the academia, albeit in a developing country with poor funding and obsolete facilities, i too had published quite a number of papers and I benefited from the suggestions of the reviewers and at the end the quality of the papers got a boost.But occasionally I was annoyed or felt unduly " cheated" when my manuscript was rejected only to find a similar manuscript inferior in content and poorer in language from Asia for example, published by the same journal (not by Nature group of journals any way) .

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Marina Afanasyeva about 2 months ago

These are exactly my thoughts about peer-review! First, I always feel angry when I receive the reviewer's comments, but then I think of all the above-said and feel grateful to the person who invested her/his time in me. If the reviewer has these questions, then many other readers will have them as well.

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Jürgen Weippert about 2 months ago

Concerning the test on the previous page: I went through a similar tutorial from ACS. Apparently, their accept/decline/flag regulations are different; quite a number of ACS "flag" cases were supposed to be declined here.

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Yes , Dr. Booth had just hit the nail on the head of the mindset that authors should have when they receive feedback on their manuscripts.

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Mouna Lehassani 19 days ago

I find it very objective...