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Yasin Ghulam over 1 year ago

Excellent remarks.

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Muhammad Naeem Nizam over 1 year ago


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Sunil Kumar over 1 year ago

Very good explained 

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Dr. Felix Bongomin about 1 year ago

Awesome. Key points came out very clearly

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Kamuyu Mwai 6 months ago

This is where i disagree with the whole exercise of "peer reviewing". Whom did Sir Isaac Newton cite in his presentation of "Law of Gravity". Professor Rueda talks of experiments & controls done appropriately" meaning if the author invented his/her method unknown to current Scientific community then they wont have been done appropriately? This where we get into a rut (as scientists) as far as advancing or promoting innovation.

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Ali aba 3 months ago

very good

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Rabiu Aliyu 3 months ago

This was really very educative and of benefit from experience of a professor. I have some experience in peer reviewing for some Nigerian and Indian journals, but I was never used to structuring the report in to major and minor sections. I t really interesting and will get myself used to it, because it is more helpful to both the Editor and the authors..