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Yasin Ghulam over 1 year ago

worth of debate and useful too. 

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Muhammad Naeem Nizam over 1 year ago

The most important parts of a manuscript are discussed.

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Md. Galal Uddin over 1 year ago

Very Informative module.

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Sahil Patel 11 months ago

It is surely helpful. 

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Malik Sajjad 11 months ago

how to relate objective of paper with title?

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Naveen Hakhoo 10 months ago

Well, at times coming across an interesting piece of science happens during the course of working for and chasing something entirely different, it's more like having Eureka moments. How to address these while justifying the purpose of carrying out a study that was very different as compared to the end result.

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Kamuyu Mwai 8 months ago

I feel (though subject to correction) that a journal should be "analytical & descriptive" of the subject.

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Irina Ibraghimova 4 months ago

This is all very useful  for me as a peer-reviewer and as an author

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Detailed and resourceful highlight of the essentials.