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Yasin Ghulam over 1 year ago

According to my onion about to become the peer reviewer is that every new reviewer should  complete the profile and all information on the research supporting domains, as ORCID, researcher ID and Mendeley etc. And the more important to do contact with editors and provide them the updated information related to expertise and research era. Moreover, the colleague and seniors are the effective approach to help in becoming the peer reviewer. 

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Muhammad Naeem Nizam over 1 year ago

To become a reviewer, everyone should keep himself updated to research areas. and have a mind to learn and teach.

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Mohamed E Yahia over 1 year ago

Peer reviewing is like the exercises for the peer reviewers to sharpen their thinking and research quality.

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Mekhled Alzaza over 1 year ago

To become a good peer reviewer you have to challenge your knowledge ,skills and contacts .

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Israel Borokini over 1 year ago

One question here: must you have a PhD before you are eligible to peer-review? Many journals seem to do that. I call it academic discrimination, because I think there are lots of people out there who have massive work and field experience (especially in ecology) but they have a family to take care of, or they are not fortunate enough to have money to complete a PhD especially in countries where getting funding for PhD dissertation lies solely in the hands of the student. I wonder when journals will start to respect and appreciate the experience these folks hold!

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Rashed Alawadhi over 1 year ago

This is very useful 

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Dr Dinesh Uthra about 1 year ago

Identification of the particular field researcher  would become easy,  PI and other peer reviewer cooperation  ,they can give good result without delay.

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SEEMA PARTE about 1 year ago

very informative

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Kamuyu Mwai 8 months ago

According to me (subject to correction), to be a good reviewer, one ought to be vast (diverse) in knowledge of the subject he/ she is reviewing.

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Routes to becoming a peer reviewer depend on many things, as ORCID, Publons. Also, websites help editors to find you alone with to identify the particular skills  

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David M. Aronoff, MD 6 months ago

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Masoumeh Majidi zolbin 5 months ago

very helpful tips.

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Irina Ibraghimova 4 months ago

Thanks for this very useful advice

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Trung Ngoc Ngo about 1 month ago

Excellent advice