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Yasin Ghulam over 1 year ago

It’s important for everyone willing to be a potential reviewer that  make an honest assessment as to whether have the expertise to provide a useful evaluation of the paper and more important is the timely response.

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Muhammad Naeem Nizam over 1 year ago

Qualification and availability of time are very important factors while accepting the invitation for a review 

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Md. Galal Uddin over 1 year ago

Qualification, Free time and fairness are very important elements for a reviewing invitation accept or reject.

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Aydin ashrafi over 1 year ago

Very usefull

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Emanuel Vamanu over 1 year ago

I read a very interesting point of view.

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Dr.P.MANGA VENI about 1 year ago

Accept when you have the zeal and commitment  on the peer review.


if this process is followed we would not be reading so many unworthy articles!!

so, basically 3 questions- am i qualified?, do i have time? any conflict?

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Manica Negahdaripour about 1 year ago

Useful points are mentioned here. In addition to the three main questions for deciding to accept as a reviewer, it is good to know that it may be possible to comment on a part of paper, or suggest other reviewers.

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Great text! Really important to be aware of the importance and consequences of having accepted the invitation to peer review.

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Tadesse Bekele Tafesse 11 months ago

Yes, qualification and time has a great impact on the quality of the paper to be reviewed. And, honest assessment is also critical and hence, the conflict of interest provides its own impact.

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Raimi Morufu Olalelan 11 months ago

I 100% agree with the submission.

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SUDHEESH RAVI 9 months ago

These are valuable information  one reviewer should bear in mind.

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Onaoluwa Abimbola 8 months ago

This is concise and straight to the point. I love the reasons outlined.

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Kamuyu Mwai 8 months ago

Indeed, its worth reflect (self-evaluate) whether by being a "reviewer", you are adding value to the work you are reviewing or "displacing" the work.

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Yes, both qualification along with time very important.  

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Valentina Moro 4 months ago

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Valentina Moro 4 months ago

I agree that reviewing papers is a huge opportunity for studying and looking to aspects of your research field that are not usual for you. The time is often too short and academics are so busy that sometimes during review processes you focus only on the things you already know.

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Trung Ngoc Ngo about 1 month ago