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Yasin Ghulam about 1 year ago

Yes, I am strongly agree with the statement give as the Reviewer comments have huge impact on an author’s career as for consideration or rejection of the manuscript.

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Muhammad Naeem Nizam about 1 year ago

A  reviewer has very important responsibility in the whole  process of acceptance or rejection of a scientific research article and also a necessary impact on the future of science.  

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Md. Galal Uddin about 1 year ago

Peer reviewer responsibility is very sensitive for author manuscript approval by any editor. So, peer reviewer responsibility is very important and significant for any publishing sector.

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Israel Borokini about 1 year ago

Constructive feedback, yes! I hope all reviewers, including me, would remember that.

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AAMIR RAINA about 1 year ago


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Mekhled Alzaza about 1 year ago

Yes I agree that  the peer reviewer has the power  on the process of publication but at the same time he has  a big chalange towards the authors .

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Aydin ashrafi about 1 year ago

yes i strongly agree with this statement. 

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Felix Jose Gonzalez Gonzalez about 1 year ago

What are the honorarium for a Peer Reviewer?

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Eduards Krustiņš about 1 year ago

None. It's a voluntary activity, that has no monetary benefits.

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Yes, just responsability and discipline with the process because is important for everybody.

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Celia Fortuna Rodrigues 12 months ago

"Delays can have serious consequences - for example, the authors being ‘scooped’ by others working in the same area or implications for future grant applications." - This is really important.

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Azhar Gaber Shalaby 11 months ago

yes, it is really very sensitive and important tasks for reviewer to review other iterations for a paper, to be sure of no duplication or overlapping. 

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Dr.P.MANGA VENI 11 months ago

i agree with it

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Dr Dinesh Uthra 11 months ago

Very good task and give better , effective and quickly publication. 

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Raghunandan BL 11 months ago

Very good explanation about reviewers responsibility. 


a peer reviewer has to balance his critical thinking and sensitivity while making comments as the paper to be published should be brought out with maximum impact and at the same time not much delay. the aim of review should be to augment the value and not topple.

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Manica Negahdaripour 10 months ago

Considering the important role of the reviewer, as is explained very well in this section, "being fair and constructive" is a useful sentence for every reviewer to keep in mind.

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I don't know if I'm a bit more patient, ever since I started peer review I'd do it until the final iteration. It gladdens me to go through authors' responses and see how they managed to respond to my criticisms and comments. After all, I stand to gain a lot from that because if I'm a reviewer here I may be an author with other journals.

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Saartjie Roux 7 months ago


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Pramodkumar P Gupta 7 months ago

Yes, I agree with statement that review in iteration is good.....

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Tadesse Bekele Tafesse 6 months ago

Delivering a timely report to the Editor is so important both for the author(s) and the Journals. This is because the author(s) might do their activities in a place where they are not living as in a collaborative work, i.e. they use other laboratory facilities and in case the peer reviewers observe, as they are experts, some lab work is missing, the author(s) will get the opportunity to perform and fulfill the gap easily.

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Raimi Morufu Olalelan 6 months ago

Very Informative

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SUDHEESH RAVI 5 months ago

It is a responsible job and should be a true person to hold the position other wise the authors will suffer so the review must ethical in nature.

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Peeyush Dahal 5 months ago

reviewer should be constructive never a destructive. one should keep in mind that there are always rooms for improvement .reconstruction is better idea..

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its about of ettiquettes of peer reviewer.

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Dr.R.Rajasekaran 4 months ago

Yes.Review is  very important task to explore the truth and basic principles in Science and Technology

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Kamuyu Mwai 3 months ago

I wholesomely agree with the above. No need to participate in a peer review if you ain't ready, prepared or in the "element".  

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I agree all Peer reviewer's responsibilities. Peer reviewer, when decided to be as one of Peer reviewers. Need to focus on both time, and checking the paper by submitting his opinion as a decision rejection or acceptance of this paper. 

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Rabiu Aliyu about 1 month ago

I agree absolutely that while a peer reviewer has some powers over the publication or otherwise of a manuscript, he also have some responsibilities: keeping to time,making constructive criticisms etc.

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Theoneste Nkurunziza 21 days ago

Agreed. It's paramount to voluntarily contribute to the  quality of scientific knowledge and to its rigor.

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it takes long times and it is big responsibility to be fair enough

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Fatma Adel 2 days ago

what are the qualifications required  for selecting peer reviewers