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Yasin Ghulam almost 2 years ago

I am thankful to the all organizers of Nature Masterclasses for providing a useful and wonderful activity for new peer reviewers of scientific community.

I must acknowledge and pay thanks to the team of Focus on Peer Review’ course! for good administration and instructors, dear Professors contributing for their talks.

Hope to join more activities in future.

Thank you very much for great experience and consideration.

Best Regards!

Ghulam Yasin

Beijing University of Chemical Technology 

Chaoyang district, Beijing, P.R. China

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Samia Ahmed Nossier over 1 year ago

This course was very useful. It collects all the information needed in a simple, clear texts or short videos. The assignments were reflecting the level of recall of the information.

Thank you very much, it was a marvelous experience with Nature courses.

Dr. Samia Ahmed

Journal of the Egyptian public Health Association


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Joseph Immanuel over 1 year ago

Thank you for these valuable lessons encouraging new writers and new reviewers. It would be good if nature produces more free courses.


Dr. Joseph, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Ragas Dental College & Hospital, Chennai, India 


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RAJEEV over 1 year ago

Thank you so much for such a beautiful fruitful knowledge session about peer review. it is very useful for understanding the role of reviewer and processing of a paper.

Best regards,


Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi 

Delhi-110007, India

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Srikanth H N over 1 year ago

thank you for this valuable information.

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Meisser Vidal Madera Anaya over 1 year ago

Thank you so much for everything. It was a really good course. I learnt lot !

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Sunil Kumar over 1 year ago

I am very  thankful to the all organizers of Nature Masterclasses for providing a useful and wonderful activity for new peer reviewers of scientific community. It is very helpful and informative for all community. Thank you very much for great experience and consideration.

Sunil Kumar 


PhD student Department of medical Parasitology 

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education And Research 

Chandigarh INDIA 160012 


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Tony Odetola over 1 year ago

I am very grateful for this focused and educative class, Kudos.

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Jayalaxmi shetty over 1 year ago

I am mighty Impressed with role of the reviewer, it's so passionately done.  

Very informative on self improvisation and self policing our own research. 

As of now scientific community has contributed so much for my knowledge hope  to revert it back in someway for its growth. 

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Dr Faiyaz K Shaikh over 1 year ago

I acknowledge  to the team of Focus on Peer Review’ course. Thank you 

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Raviraj Kulkarni over 1 year ago

A really enjoyable and informative course for both beginnand very well presented throughout.

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Raviraj Kulkarni over 1 year ago

A really enjoyable and informative course for both beginners and experienced reviewers and very well presented throughout.

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Aydin ashrafi over 1 year ago

Thanks a lot for your informative courses.

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Muhammad Ahmad over 1 year ago

Actually I should  review the the papers in my field after having this course. Nature came up with ground breaking idea, So brilliantly done everything in this course, i mean content, videos, exercises to provide hands on training. Everything depicted clearly and so nicely. Surely, this will increase the capabilities, awareness among the authors and reviewers as well as reminding the duties of reviewer and whole process of peer review.

Respect :)

Muhammad Ahmad 

M. Phil scholar ( Plant Breeding and Genetics)


University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan.

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Afisulahi Abiodun Maiyegun over 1 year ago

Thanks a great deal for this clear and detailed exposure to the process peer review. It is in a format that enhances easy mastery of the subject. 

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Javier Hernández Toledo over 1 year ago

It was a pleasure to hear all of you in this course. Thank you so much!

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Thank you very much.

I really appreciated the Focus on Peer Review course. It is very well organized and enlightening.

It was a great experience. I strongly recommend it.

Andrea Tenório

Medical School Faculdade Santa Marcelina, São Paulo, Brazil

University of São Paulo, Brazil

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anaar sajoo over 1 year ago

amazingly good quality masterclass. thanks to all who worked on this.

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Khalid Lafi Alrashedi over 1 year ago

thank you

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Armando Salim Munoz Abraham over 1 year ago

This is a great overview of the peer review process and Nature Masterclasses really provides a thorough and at the same time concise explanation of how the reviewer should prepare and perform a paper review. Thank you for having this available. 

Best regards!

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Joshua Sumankuuro about 1 year ago

I'm sincerely to Nature editors and resource persons for the insightful course on conducting peer review. As a newbie in the field, I have garnered significant wealth of knowledge for practice.

Thank you.

Joshua Sumankuuro (PhD Candidate), School of COmmunity Health, Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia

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Ye Htut Linn about 1 year ago

Thanks for your great course.

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Shubhra about 1 year ago

i loved the course.

Thanks everyone involved to put up this course ...

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Kamuyu Mwai 10 months ago

That was a very interesting & very relevant course. As a scientist, its an "intellectual dish" that has satisfied my "hunger" for knowledge regarding peer reviewing & publication.

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Raghed ibrahim esmaeel 10 months ago

Thank you very for providing by this course. I understand many things about peer reviewer alone with Scientific Writing and Publishing. Regards 
PhD student
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

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Iris Miraballes 9 months ago

Nice and very useful course! Thank you!

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Steven James Newton 8 months ago

Well done.  My thanks

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Hongwei Ge 8 months ago

Great online free lessons for young researchers! We learned lots of things that we might even didn't noticed as a referee.

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Mohammad Vaziri 7 months ago

I greatly appreciate the efforts of all organizers of the Nature Masterclass for providing a truly useful, informative  and relevant course on peer review. It is a real requirement for every one who practice in science. I try to persuade all my colleagues to take the course.

Best Regards

Dr. Mohammad Vaziri

Iran University of Medical Sciences

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Dr. Isabelle Pagé 5 months ago

Thank you for this Nature Masterclass. As a young researcher, this information is very helpful and will certainly improve my skill to review papers as well as to write papers. 

Best Regards

Isabelle Pagé 

Postdoc fellow at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

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I am very happy to have taken this course. I had knowledge about the evaluation of a scientific work, but I learned a lot from these lessons.

Thank you

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Muhammad Adnan 4 months ago

It was very interesting and informative course. Please offer more courses free of cost for individual/ independent researchers from developing countries. Best wishes.

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M. A. Gomez-Niño 4 months ago

A very useful course with clear and organized information.

Thank you


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Trung Ngoc Ngo 4 months ago

Great thanks and very useful advice on peer reviewing process

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Undergoing this training is worth the while.

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Natalia Palii 3 months ago

I have enjoyed all the course: the notes, videos and activities

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Eleni Koulouridi about 2 months ago

Thank you very much for this course! Really useful!!

Eleni Koulouridi

chemist MSc

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Thank you for all the lessons provided