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Muhammad Naeem Nizam over 1 year ago

In peer review, not only positive results should be taken as most important part of manuscripts. Results are the contribution to the science either positive or negative.

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Shubhra 12 months ago

I really like this concept...

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Kamuyu Mwai 10 months ago

Good points learned

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Saritha Lingareddy 7 months ago

1. Its true; especially when testing a new hypothesis or proving existing ones. One may not always be successful working towards either of these. If it  goes unpublished, how would one want to explore or think in a different way?

2.Registered reports seem interesting. Its less burden on both the authors and the reviewers; unaware of this. I really appreciate this module.

3. Never thought that peer review is such an  intricate and organized process. This course is very informative.