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Yasin Ghulam almost 2 years ago

Nice summary with immense understating  to decide and perform well as new peer reviewer in the scientific society. 

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Muhammad Naeem Nizam almost 2 years ago

A brief but comprehensive summary to perform better as a peer reviewer.

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Md. Galal Uddin almost 2 years ago

I have got clear thought about on peer reviewer.

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Dr Dinesh Uthra over 1 year ago

Very nice summary ,real contribution  by peer reviewer.

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Vijay Rakesh Reddy S over 1 year ago

Good summing up of the module

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anaar sajoo over 1 year ago

excellent short videos, leading nicely to this bit of the module. effective and well-organised. i liked the aspect of giving back as a researcher or practitioner with the 3x rule (review 3 for each paper you submit).

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Luz Angelica Caudillo Mata over 1 year ago

I found this module very informative, well organized and succint.  It provided me with a good understanding of the responsabilities of each of the players during the revision process.  I now have a more clearer perspective on when should I accept and not to accept to review a manuscript.  Although for me it is clear the benefit of going through the peer-review process, it was interesting to see different perspectives from each of the players involved.   

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Maribel López Badillo about 1 year ago

Very nice

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SUDHEESH RAVI about 1 year ago

The briefing is very nice with adequate information in handful

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Kamuyu Mwai 10 months ago

I feel the summary sums-up pretty well in respect to wanting to be a peer reviewer 

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Trung Ngoc Ngo 4 months ago

Great and very informative and useful

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Natalia Palii 3 months ago

Superb summary

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Bolanle O P Musa 2 months ago

This has been a most useful and insightful detail into the peer review process. Thank you