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Muhammad Naeem Nizam about 1 year ago

Be responsible and honest as being a peer reviewer.

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Dr. Mahendra Kumar C about 1 year ago

Very useful information 

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Dr Dinesh Uthra 11 months ago

Peer reviewer should do ethical practice, fair assessment.

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Kamuyu Mwai 3 months ago

I feel (subject to correction), its not more on "fake peer review" but rigid peer review. As i've commented in past modules, limiting of "thought". Science is dynamic & despite an author presenting formulas & hypotheses unknown in the current science circles, ain't to mean what he/she is presenting ain't credible. Otherwise, in respect to being ethical, that is totally required. 

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Steven James Newton about 1 month ago

Be honest and polite

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Mohammad Vaziri 9 days ago

I greatly appreciate Andrea Aguilar and also all instructors in this course of nature Masterclass for providing very useful information regarding peer review process.