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The Instructors

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Jill Adie

Publishing Manager, Springer Nature

Medium claire

Claire Hodge

Marketing Manager, Nature Masterclasses & Editing, Springer Nature

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Chris Surridge

Chief Editor, Nature Plants, Nature Research

Medium tanguy chouard

Tanguy Chouard

Senior Editor Biology, Nature, Nature Research

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Zoltan Fehervari

Senior Editor, Nature Immunology, Nature Research

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Leonie Mueck

Senior Editor Physical Sciences, Nature, Nature Research

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Peter Gorsuch

Science Editor, Author Services, Nature Research

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Gemma Alderton

Senior Editor, Nature Reviews Cancer, Nature Research

Medium vlcsnap 2015 08 04 11h26m55s3

Andrew Hufton

Managing Editor, Scientific Data, Nature Research

Medium catherine potenski

Catherine Potenski

Assistant Editor, Nature Genetics, Nature Research

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Federico Levi

Associate Editor, Nature Communications, Nature Research

Medium amye kenall

Amye Kenall

Associate Publisher Health Sciences and Open Data, Nature Research

Medium david rogers

David Rogers

Instructional Designer, Springer Nature