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Sep 04, 2017

Elizabeth Moylan, Senior Editor of Research Integrity at BMC, introduces herself.

  • - I'm Elizabeth Moylan. 00:00
  • I'm the Senior Editor for Research Integrity at BMC, 00:01
  • part of Springer Nature. 00:05
  • Prior to joining BMC, 00:07
  • I had a background in plant biology. 00:09
  • I did a PhD in plant systematics 00:11
  • and a post-doc in evolutionary developmental biology 00:14
  • at the University of Oxford. 00:18
  • I then made the leap into science publishing in 2004, 00:20
  • joining BioMed Central, 00:25
  • and received my training handling manuscripts 00:27
  • on the BMC series of journals, 00:30
  • so I learned how to invite peer reviewers, 00:32
  • make editorial decisions on manuscripts, 00:34
  • and handle all the issues that come up during peer review 00:37
  • and even following publication. 00:40
  • I've worked with editors in-house and academic editors 00:43
  • in defining editorial policies for journals. 00:46
  • And in my present role I'm really interested in peer review, 00:49
  • especially innovations in peer review 00:53
  • and new models of peer review. 00:55
  • Peer review is a research field in its own right, 00:58
  • and I am on the editorial board 01:02
  • for the journal Research Integrity and Peer Review, 01:03
  • which is published by BMC, 01:06
  • and I'm also a volunteer co-council member for COPE, 01:08
  • the Committee on Publication Ethics. 01:13
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Elizabeth Moylan

Senior Editor (Peer Review Strategy & Innovation), BioMed Central

Elizabeth has a PhD and post-doc from the University of Oxford, UK. In 2004, she moved into publishing as an in-house Editor handling peer review on the BMC-series journals. In her present role as Senior Editor (Peer Review Strategy and Innovation), Elizabeth supports and initiate the development and implementation of new approaches to peer review and related policy at BMC.

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