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Aug 17, 2015

5 easy steps to using "Ask Our Editors":

  1. Register free to Nature Masterclasses. Or simply sign in if you've signed up previously.
  2. Click on "Ask Our Editors" in the slide out menu that appears when you select the MENU button.
  3. Type your question and hit "Submit". There's a limit of 200 characters but to write more, simply use the additional text box, which has a 400 character limit.
  4. A Nature journal editor will respond to your question. As soon as they do, you'll receive an email. Click the "View Answer" button in the email to see the answer in full on the "Ask Our Editors" page.
  5. If you find the answer useful, vote for it, to bring it to others’ attention.

That's it! So whatever you'd like to know about scientific writing and publishing, visit "Ask Our Editors" and ask a question today.

(Questions can be answered by more than one person. All questions and answers are visible to all community participants. And anyone can vote up an answer they consider useful.)

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Jen Thoroughgood

Former Head of Communities, Springer Nature

I'm no longer with Springer Nature so please send your community-related queries to Thanks!

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