Why vote?

You will see that when you are signed in to the Nature Masterclasses Community, you will be given the option to 'Vote Up' a post, video or answer to a question. Here's why you should do this...

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Aug 05, 2015

All Nature Masterclasses content can be voted on by you.

You’ll see a vote count below posts and videos. That shows you how many people have 'voted up' a piece of content.

To vote yourself, simply use the "Vote Up" button.

Why "Vote Up"?

  1. Show you like a piece of content
  2. Help others know which content is most useful
  3. Get noticed by the content creator. They receive an email when someone votes for their content
  4. Thank the content creator

Why not take a minute to vote up your favourite posts and videos today?

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Jen Thoroughgood

Former Head of Communities, Springer Nature

I'm no longer with Springer Nature so please send your community-related queries to communities@nature.com. Thanks!

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