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Building a strong online researcher profile

For researchers in the natural sciences who would like to boost their online visibility and advance their career

The course was developed in collaboration with a team of 5 experts including journal editors, researchers, journalists and recruiters

Microlearning format 

1 hour of learning

5 bite-sized lessons with certificate

About this course

Being easily found and contacted online by different stakeholders such as journal editors, industry professionals, journalists and fellow researchers is crucial in fostering collaborations and advancing your career. 

This microlearning course aims to equip you with the essential skills to build and optimise your online researcher profile(s). 

You will learn how to choose the right websites and platforms to build your profile(s), craft effective bios, and select optimal keywords. You will also develop actionable techniques on how to boost your visibility and maximise your chances of success in today’s interconnected digital landscape.

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About our new microlearning format

Microlearning provides bite-sized pieces of content focused on acquiring a single particular skill. This microlearning-based course is also presented in an updated easy-to-follow slide format and written with a more conversational tone. Each lesson in this course can be completed in 10–15 minutes, at a time and place that suits your busy schedule. We hope you will find our new course format engaging and easy to absorb.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the importance of having a strong online researcher profile
  • Be familiar with the requirements of professionals who may look at your profile
  • Strategically choose the right platforms for your researcher profile
  • Generate great bios with the right keywords for your expertise
  • Boost the visibility of your work and experience.

The course

Free Sample
About this course

Free Sample
What is an online researcher profile?

Free Sample
Who might be searching for you online?

Free Sample
Where can you build your online researcher profile?

Free Sample
Which websites or platforms should you use?

Free Sample
How can you make your researcher profile(s) stand out?

Free Sample
Building a Strong Online Researcher Profile: Free Sample

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Developed with Nature Portfolio journal Editors

This course contains insights from journal editors with experience in finding and collaborating with researchers.

Meet the experts that have helped shape and refine the content of the course:

Sadaf Shadan

Biological Sciences Team Manager and Senior Editor, Nature

Miranda Vinay

Associate Editor, Communications Engineering

Advice from a wide range of science professionals

The course has additional insights through video interviews from:

Celeste Biever

Chief News and Features Editor, Nature

Flavia-Bianca Cristian

Recruiting and Communications Manager, BioMed X Institute

C. Daniela Robles-Espinoza

Associate Professor, National Autonomous University of Mexico


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