For Journal Editors: Maximising the Impact of Your Journal workshop - led by experts

Strong editorial vision

  • Discusses the importance of having a strong editorial vision for the journal, including how to evaluate trending topics as well as competing journals
  • Discusses how to write a clear aims and scope that helps authors identify your journal as the most appropriate platform to reach their target readers
  • Reviews organising the structure of your journal, to best help you achieve your aims

Efficient editorial workflow

  • Discusses how to organise your editors to best handle submitted manuscripts based on subject expertise
  • Reviews how to choose a good editorial board, as well as practically applying their responsibilities
  • Discusses improving the lead times of submitted manuscripts, including how to successfully implement efficient peer review
  • Reviews the importance of yearly journal evaluation at editorial board meetings to continually develop and improve the journal 

Productive peer review

  • Discusses the importance of the peer review process and how to find the right reviewers to evaluate submitted manuscripts
  • Reviews how to communicate with reviewers so that they know what is expected of them from the journal during this process
  • Highlights how to evaluate reviewer reports to make editorial decisions, and how to manage poorly written review reports, conflicting comments, and biased reviewers

Improving visibility

  • Reviews ways to improve the visibility of the journal to the field
  • Discusses what online indexes like Web of Science, Scopus, and MEDLINE are looking for and how to increase your chance of acceptance for inclusion in these indexes