Being An Effective Peer Reviewer workshop - led by experts

Responsibilities and ethics

  • Discusses the importance of peer review for the author, the journal, and for the field
  • Discusses how editors choose reviewers and what are their expectations
  • Reviews when a researcher should accept an invitation to be a reviewer and if so, the responsibilities they will be expected to adhere to as a referee
  • Discusses ethical issues surrounding peer review such as confidentiality, objectivity, and bias

Assessing manuscript relevance

  • Reviews strategies to conduct peer review thoroughly and efficiently
  • Determines what the journal is expecting in terms of breadth and impact, which helps to tailor the review to be appropriate
  • Discusses how to assess the relevance of the manuscript from a big picture perspective – what is the motivation behind the study and is that important for the field now?

Evaluating the manuscript

  • Evaluates each section of the manuscript, beginning with common mistakes made related to the title and abstract, and how to advise the appropriate changes for the author
  • Highlights strategies to evaluate the clarity and breadth of the Introduction, as well as the technical rigor and transparency in the Methods
  • Discusses how to assess the clarity and appropriateness of the Figures and the accuracy of their description
  • Reviews how to ensure the Discussion thoroughly discusses the relevance of the results for the field, as well as the validity of the conclusion

Writing clear reviewer reports

  • Introduces the different types of reports that reviewers may encounter while working with different journals, as well as the editorial expectations
  • Reviews how to write an effective summary of the study and how this will be important for both the editor and the author
  • Discusses the confidential comments to the editor and the information that editors are expecting the reviewer to share about the study
  • Highlights strategies on how to communicate any major and/or minor concerns with the study to the authors