Writing Effective Grant Applications workshop - led by experts

Understanding Funding Agencies

  • Discusses the importance of funding within scientific research and introduces what funding agencies are looking for in grant proposals
  • Discusses the grant review process, whilst highlighting the key components of a grant application that are typically under review
  • Explores important funding opportunities that are available within your region (Horizon Europe, if available in your region)

Writing a Strong Proposal

  • Discusses how to generate strong research questions, including strategies that researchers can use to keep up to date with current research
  • Highlights how to communicate your scientific objectives effectively in your grant proposal
  • Discusses how to generate a strong grant proposal, by focusing on numerous grant proposal sections such as: objectives, methods, planning, data sharing and dissemination

Group Discussion

  • Group activity will allow multiple participants to submit a 250-word research summary for their proposed research
  • Covers the importance of the topic, aims of the study and implications of the study
  • Each summary can be discussed and evaluated during the session, with the additional guidance and input from the trainer