Applying for Research Positions workshop - led by experts

Finding job opportunities

  • Discusses avenues students can explore to find potential job opportunities
  • Discusses the importance of staying up-to-date in the literature to identify trends and interesting research topics/groups
  • Reviews the importance of networking at conferences to make connections and obtain recognition in the field
  • Discusses using academic career databases, to identify opportunities and familiarise yourself with regional trends

Contacting the employer

  • Discusses obtaining background information on the research group, to better understand what they are looking for
  • Discusses how to write an impactful CV and cover letter that discusses your expertise and its alignment with the research group’s goals
  • Explores general guidelines for communicating over email with the potential employer

Successful interviews

  • Discusses how to logically organise a presentation that clearly guides the audience through your research
  • Discusses how to emphasise the value your experience and skills will have in helping the research group or department reach its objectives
  • Covers handling questions with the interviewer(s) and what questions you should be asking during the interview

Next steps

  • Discusses how to follow up with the employer after the interview politely and professionally
  • Reviews negotiating contracts and how to do this effectively
  • Covers tips and advice for making the move and comfortably settling into your new position